Today I've Enjoyed...

  1. Doing a reading of a smart play with nice people.
    Also got to do my valley girl voice, which Dev has banned from the house. It was thrilling.
  2. Felt pretty this morning.
    I think most gals can agree it is a triumph when you can leave the house on a Monday morning and feel like you look good. This morning there was motherfucking swagger as I made my way to the subway in my cowboy boots. I even took a picture in the bathroom at the reading! A selfie! I made an icy face! Ugh, confidence high point.
  3. I went to the YMCA!
    I got home early, so I decided to do my favorite running app, Couch to 5K. I'm up to running 10 min, walking for 5, then running for another 10. Tomorrow, my walking break goes down to 3 min. May not seem like a lot to you athletes out there, but it's the longest time I've run ever. (Pats self on back.)
  4. Dev and I made broccoli soup! @dev
    It was delicious and healthy and autumnal. There are leftovers.
  5. I drank beer out of a coffee mug.
    It felt rebellious.