Ways in Which Marriage Changes You

I always thought @dev and I would be that couple that stayed engaged forever. Fuck social expectations! Then 3 years into our engagement, we decided to get hitched with 2 weeks notice. Now...
  1. You get to refer to your other half as my spouse/husband (but it sounds mad weird and kind of like a joke.)
    The words, when said seriously, make the voice inside my head go, "HOLD UP STOP PRETENDING YOU'RE AN ADULT DONT YOU HAVE SOME HOMEWORK TO DO OR PIGTAILS TO COIF?"
  2. People start asking you when you're gonna get pregnant.
    Or, if they don't know you, whether you already have kids. (Which is super trippy since I'm still in the "college/lascivious and barely legal" auditioning bracket and mere months ago the number one question I got was if I was of legal age.) And on that note...
  3. People no longer assume I'm 19.
    This could be a northern thing, because I imagine in the south young brides aren't uncommon. But in BK and LA, if you're married you're probably over 26. So I've found that suddenly 5 years, minimum, has been added to my presumed age.
  4. You get to file your taxes together.
    And if you're really lucky you marry someone who will now do yours for you (I am this lucky 💃💃💃💃).
  5. You get to share your health insurance.
    Thanks WGA.
  6. People hit on you less, or less overtly.
    I've found that ring on my finger that looks very clearly like a wedding band has changed the game. Note: did not find this to be the case with an engagement ring. Also, I think this may be the opposite for men.
  7. That's it, really.
    For me the changes are all about how other people, and the federal government, see you. Not how you see each other or yourself. I'm surprised to feel this way. I suppose I expected to feel it in my bones somehow. But half the time I've forgotten we got married at all. He's my best friend, first and foremost. The husband thing is just a label.