Ways to Enjoy a Flash Flood

When your outdoor plans go out the window, your day can still be salvaged.
  1. Doors wide open.
    Hear the rain and thunder. Listen to the hummingbirds fight. Watch the canyon get overtaken by haze. I LOVE GLOOM SO MUCH IT FILLS MY SOUL WITH JOY.
  2. A bag of Krispy Kremes.
    YES. A BAG. This level of sloth is not for the weak.
  3. Wine.
    Cut with seltzer so you can pace yourself.
  4. Mr. Robot marathon.
    Aka Fight Club. I'm digging it. High five, USA.
  5. Pajamas.
    Otherwise known as @dev's currently unsupervised t-shirts.
  6. Bye bye plans, hello bed day.
    Living the dream.