Ways to Get Through a Topanga Power Outage

It feels like for weeks the power has been out at least one day per weekend. This is not actually true, but almost. Here's how Dev and I handle it.
  1. Monopoly
    This is literally ALL we do in a power outage, honestly.
  2. If it's not too hot, hike.
  3. If it's hot, stand up paddle board.
  4. Work at Abuelitas. They'll have cell service and chips and salsa.
  5. Get a library card at the Topanga Public Library
    You can rent audiobooks via an app! We live in the future!
  6. Make @dev make you a pimm's cup
  7. Go to an open house.
    Other areas have electricity. Bask in their air conditioning.
  8. Grab another cocktail and watch sports in Calabasas at Pedaler's Fork
    Also get the fried egg sandwich! Or anything. It's all delicious.
  9. Finish that book you kept meaning to finish. Do it outside.
  10. Enjoy the quiet and peace! Connect with your spouse and yourself! Remember what life was like before wifi.