We All Saw Lemonade, Right?

Beyonce put out a visual album tonight on HBO. Get on it.
  1. It was gorgeous and sometimes confusing and super fucking brutal in a deeply surprising way.
  2. But mostly, the self-awareness and honesty about her marriage troubles and the resulting pain is so refreshing.
  3. It was brave af.
    Also props to Jay-Z for the cameo after the righteous half hour of spanking he received.
  4. May we all strive to be more honest, both in our lives and our work. Silence perpetuates shame and isolation. Fuck that noise.
  5. And side note: she is a radiant queen, as always, using her platform to promote positive messages and empowerment rather than perpetuating a superficial pop star stereotype. 👏👏👏👏
  6. Beyonce 2020
    I would walk in a quietly confident line behind you anywhere.