What I Ate Today

  1. 10am - Chocolate croissant from Maison Giraud
    A Sunday farmers' market ritual.
  2. 10am - A mini diet coke.
    An everyday pre-noon ritual.
  3. 1030am - A v healthy smoothie made by @dev
    I think today's was spinach, banana, berries, fresh oj from the orange tree outside and some mango.
  4. 230pm - Chana masala and garlic naan.
    Post hike sustenance. Dev and I get loads of this pre-made, crazy healthy, microwave-friendly Indian from the farmers' market every week. It sustains us when cooking seems too daunting.
  5. 300pm - a bite of a good cookie, but that's it. I over-chana-ed and had no more room.
    I had a pooch that was so big I legit took a pregnancy test. But totes empty inside ya'll!
  6. 730pm - Brie, prosciutto, water crackers, curry cauliflower and beets roasted with rosemary that was picked from the garden out back. Plus a half bottle of red wine (Dev had the other half).
    Sunday HBO TV watching requires dope nibbles!