What I'd Offer in the Grosstastic Monthly Subscription Box

Exciting list request. Oh man. Thx @mallofamanda
  1. One new piece of hiking gear.
  2. One audiobook of my choosing.
  3. One sample of organic makeup and/or skincare.
    Desperately seeking a healthier liquid liner, so we can enjoy the hunt together!
  4. One new sample sunblock.
    Brand to vary by month.
  5. Oreos.
    Flavor to vary by month.
  6. A bottle of rosé under $12.
    Spring and summer only.
  7. All the components necessary to make two glasses of a delicious cocktail, plus directions.
    Fall and winter only.
  8. One used vinyl record selected from a reputable stand at a local flea market...
  9. ...on which would be written one personalized compliment.
    Because everyone deserves a nice, genuine compliment at least once a month.