What I Learned from My First Mountain Bike Ride 🚵🚵🚵

My cheerful red bike, Winston Churchill, was my main form of transportation when I lived in Brooklyn. But life with Winston never prepared me for today.
  1. Unless you already have legs of steel (and sometimes even then), you will have to get off and walk your bike up some steep hills.
    Embrace this or you will feel like a constant failure.
  2. Downhill is terrifying.
    Velocity + loose rocks, guys. I walked some of this, too.
  3. Get your butt off and behind your seat for a smoother downhill ride and more control.
    This was a revelation. Also elbows out, so they act like shocks. (Side note: Emily Batty ⬆️ was my spirit animal the whole ride.)
  4. This is a full body workout — especially if you're walking your bike up craggy hills like moi.
    A couple hours after my ride, the muscle soreness was REAL, in my thighs, arms and shoulders.
  5. But I got to explore whole parts of the park I've never seen before by simply hiking.
    The park was my oyster!
  6. When I finally got back to my car I felt so proud of myself and accomplished for trying something new!
    It was scary and really challenging and it would've been so easy to quit and I wanted to a couple of times but I didn't!
  7. And, as hard as it was, it was also FUN!
    You want an exciting full body work out? You want to see beautiful parts of your world you'd never get to otherwise see? You want to feel terror and glory? Go rent a mountain bike!
  8. Side note: if you're in LA, go rent from Topanga Creek Outpost. They are really sweet and supportive guys who just want you to have fun.
    I've never felt more comfortable in a bike shop. They do group rides every Sunday and overnight bike camping trips every Wednesday. Also the shop has major #topangavibes. There are Tibetan prayer flags hanging from the ceiling and almost always there's some fresh banana bread recently out of the oven. ✨🌙🍄 http://www.topangacreekoutpost.com/