What will be the one imaginary product you wish to have to solve your biggest problem?🙆🏻

Easy peasy @jasoncheng because I think about this one a BUNCH.
  2. I would buy really cheap, beautiful land in the middle of nowhere on a river. As many acres as I could afford, miles from anyone.
  3. But I'd still work in LA.
    I 💓 my job.
  4. And I'd meet Dev for dinner all over the world.
  5. And do weekend road trips and hiking trips in exotic locations.
  6. And I'd help people in emergency situations, too. Like when there's a natural disaster or terrorist attack I'd volunteer to help get people out asap.
  7. And maybe I'd monetize it, just a little bit for funding my adventures and for charities. Like, I'd teleport Beyonce and Jay-Z to their family vacation and back and charge triple whatever they'd pay for a private jet and Robin Hood that shit.
    Everyone would have to sign an NDR, obviously.
  8. And I'd never get in a plane or have to fight traffic EVER AGAIN.