When I Like My Job, I...

(Or why I haven't made a list in two weeks.)
  1. Have anxiety dreams in which I'm pitching on topics we plan to discuss the next day.
    Attempt to remember them, fail, convince self they were probably incoherent anyway.
  2. Wake up before 7 bc of said anxiety dreams.
  3. Leave for work 2 hrs early.
    Bc fuck it, I'm up and my brain is clear. If I stayed home I'd just watch more Face Off on SyFy on demand anyway. May as well get prep work done.
  4. Listen to podcasts relevant to work while stuck in traffic.
    Acknowledge the useful info will only stay in my head for a period of 48 hrs. Hope something adjacent will be brought up in the room so I can reference them during that window.
  5. Eat less
    Bc my brain is thinking about other things.
  6. Eat worse
    Bc I'm tired and there are now DOUBLE STUF OREOS and HOHOS in the kitchen!
  7. Come home an exhausted lump with brains melting out of my ears
    @dev feeds and cuddles. I am largely nonverbal by this point.
  8. Go to sleep before 10.
    Sounds coming out of my body have devolved to grunts and fussy whines. Am less thinking person and more jellyfish.
  9. Repeat.