When I'm Waiting to Hear About a Job, I...

  1. Stare at my phone in the hopes I can will it to ring. Squint eyes like Carrie. Phone is unaffected.
  2. Troll Twitter for updates on the project, attempt to divine clues from message boards.
  3. Work on other work, and remind myself that if I don't get this job I'll want to have utilized this time.
  4. Get tired from the above and nap.
  5. When nap fails, watch an entire season of American Horror Story.
  6. Try and work more.
  7. Make Dev make me a cocktail to take the edge off.
  8. Stare at my phone again. Make magical hand gestures. Phone remains impervious.
  9. Develop acute anxiety when traveling in places without phone service bc that is obviously when the call would come.
  10. Discover call has not come. Double check voicemail to be sure. Refresh email.
  11. Command phone to ring. Phone continues to be unmoving, seems somehow snide as night sets in.
  12. Email agents in the hopes they have gossip.
  13. Refresh email with greater frequency. Learn they have little gossip. Receive encouragement to hang tight.
  14. Sleep. Repeat.