Why I'm Falling in Love With My New Street

@dev and I just moved to a new block in Topanga. It's pretty delightful, in a quirky af, country-living kind of way.
  1. We live on a quiet dirt road.
    Hard to drive on, but so charming.
  2. There are wild peacocks.
    We first learned about them when we saw one standing all casual on someone's roof. Their cawing sounds like a really whiny meow.
  3. The street is lined with horse corrals, and people ride along the road and into...
  4. The two quiet trails that lead to two separate parks on either end of the neighborhood.
    I can walk to Eagle Rock right out my front door!
  5. There's a nearby freshwater pond and underground freshwater streams.
    Tiny frogs!
  6. The melodic sound of frogs croaking along the creek.
  7. We're now within biking distance to two delicious Topanga cafes.
  8. It smells like firewood.
  9. Our neighbors have been kind and quiet and kooky.
  10. Dirt bikes and atvs. On the trail nearest us someone has even set up some jumps! So fun to watch.
  11. Never going back to city life.