Whether you're drinking alone in the basement, watching old home tapes of your big junior league baseball plays of '87, or you're out with the pals crushin' britneys, you gotta know the best songs to blow over the top of the bottle.
  1. The Jaws Theme - just one pal near the bottom of your bottles? Alternate back and forth and the hairs will instantly rise on your neck, for real it's spooky.
  2. Imperial March - you can play like the first three notes before you get lonely
  3. A hooting owl - pretty fuckin' easy (almost a full beer, you ain't even drunk) and all your friends will be incredibly nonplussed!
  4. That one guitar solo from the 80s hit playing on the radio at the shitty "dad bar" where you're drinking by yourself
  5. Just pretend it's a real song - your friends already hate you!
  6. Hansen's mmBop