100 Years of Li.st (1960) 🕰

Hey @jakebrandman, don't be square, look at what a cool year it's been!
  1. Here in the US, we elected our youngest President (and our first Roman Catholic), John F. Kennedy.
    It was a really, really close election. The Democrat won by only 112,827 votes over the Republican nominee, Richard Nixon. This year was the first year that included both of our new states, Alaska and Hawaii! We're looking forward to seeing what this young man can do for our country!
  2. First televised debate
    Part of what made this election so exciting was the debate that we all got to watch on the television. Senator Kennedy looked so cool & composed next to Vice President Nixon.
  3. Sit-ins
    In North Carolina, 4 black students sat down at a Woolworth's lunch counter & were refused service. That bold step started a whole bunch of similar protests and 6 months later, those same students were served at that counter! My goodness, times are changing. Next thing you know, there won't be any more segregation. One can hope!
  4. The Civil Rights Act of 1960
    President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed this act into law in May. It extended the life of the Civil Rights Commission to oversee voter registration and voting practices. It also was designed to close loopholes in the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Still a long way to go yet, but it's a start!
  5. The first submarine to circle the globe.
    The U.S.S. Triton went around the Earth underwater in 84 days.
  6. CERN particle accelerator became operational
    Wow, these are exciting times! Just imagine all the scientific discoveries we have in our future.
  7. Winter Olympics in California
    The Soviet Union won the most with 21 medals even though the US tried to deny entry into the States to all communist countries.
  8. Summer Olympics in Rome
    Cassius Clay won gold and the US men's basketball team won their fifth straight gold. The Soviet Union dominated the medal count with 103, the US came in second with 71.
  9. Elvis came home!!!!!
    2 years in the Army was just too long! We have all been pining away for him! 😍😍😍😍
  10. Elvis is Back
    I played this record so many times, my family threatened to break it into pieces.
  11. This song. 😍😭😢
  12. G.I. Blues
    All of my friends went to see this film. We're all just so thrilled he is back home! ❤❤❤
  13. I Love Lucy ended
    Lucille Ball divorced Desi Arnaz after being married for 19 years, which ended this hilarious show.
  14. I heard this new band on my visit to Liverpool.
    They aren't Elvis, but I think they're OK. Kind of cute. They changed their name quite a few times, but I kind of like the latest one. I hope they keep it: the Beatles.
  15. The Flintstones
    I think this brand new show is kind of silly, but my little sister thinks it's pretty funny. Not sure it will last though.
  16. "Guerrillero Heroico"
    This photo of Che Guevara was taken in March by Alberto Korda. I don't know why, but it's left a lasting impression on me.