Downside of being a programmer, you find things that bother the shit out of you in apps. LOL
  1. No freaking edit button!
    Found a typo in one of my comments. Can't fix. Grrrr!😠😠😠
  2. Long press to highlight & copy text doesn't work at all.
    It's basic, standard functionality. Doesn't work here.
  3. Drag & drop sucks to reorder list items.
    Half the time you end up with a new item where you tried to drop the dragged item. Other times it only works if your description is more than 2 lines. And sometimes when you publish, the items you dragged end up having been copied so you have them listed twice in a row!
  4. Switching between and another app (like Chrome) closes you out of edit mode
    So say I want to paste a link into my list for a relevant article. I find it in chrome, go back to only to find the list I'm editing is closed and I have to navigate back to my drafts.
  5. Why can't I search for videos?!
    I really wish videos could be searched for and embedded instead of being links.
  6. Preview button, please?
    I would love to be able to see my list hire it will appear in its final state.