Geek wars

Had a meeting today in which one Linux geek was bashing (he he he, I see what I did there) SUSE because Red Hat is moar better. Had me giggling about us geeks/fanboys.
  1. SUSE vs Red Hat
    As mentioned. Applicable with any variation, of course. I have no idea why this image was included in my search results, but I found it appropriate.
  2. Apple vs Microsoft
    The classic.
  3. Apple vs Android
    I'm entirely in the Android camp myself, but I'm not militant about it. Man, those Apple fanboys can be CRAZY.
  4. Star Wars vs Star Trek
    OK, another classic geek battle. I don't have a preference, both are awesome.
  5. Classic Doctor vs New Who
    I love both, so I'm good here.
  6. Marvel vs DC
    Ditto this one for me. I love both sides here. Though really, Marvel excels at movies while DC rocks the TV shows these days.
  7. Nerd vs Geek 🤓
    Hmmmm. Are they the same or different? Some argue this one.
  8. Java vs .Net
    Really, this code vs that. Personally, I'm on the 'any side but Java' side. But that's my personal choice & I get that others prefer it. Totally fine with me, but don't get yer knickers in a twist because I don't like Java. LOL
  9. IE vs Chrome
    LOL, just kidding.
  10. PlayStation vs xBox
    Our family is half & half. I prefer computer games myself.
  11. Lumpers vs splitters
    A little anthropology reference for ya. LOL
  12. Coffee vs Coke ☕
    You'll pry my coffee only out of my cold, dead hands, mister.
  13. Netflix vs RedBox
    Cause you still can't stream everything yet. (Side note- seriously RedBox, you couldn't come up with any other color but RED? You knew Netflix had it first-shame on you 😡)
    Suggested by   @angela3950
  14. Lord of the Rings vs Harry potter
    Suggested by   @ordeegano