I lost my father to diabetes in 2010. He was diagnosed at 9 months old and lived 50 years longer than doctors expected (they thought he'd be lucky to see 18).
  1. The way we could talk about ANYTHING
    We even had a fun conversation one time about the possibility that humans could have originated on (and destroyed) Mars and came to Earth to start over. 🌎
  2. He was one of 4 people in the world that truly GET me
    When I lost him, that number was even smaller, which made losing him all the more devastating.
  3. He would have been horrified & deeply amused by the GOP primary
    And would have totally been Feeling the Bern.
  4. Dad was generous to a fault & loved to volunteer
    He gave so much of himself to people & to his community.
  5. He was an amazing cook 🍕🍝🍲
    One of his passions was cooking. He loved trying recipes from all around the world.
  6. An avid reader, he loved Sci-Fi 📚
    I wish I'd gotten hooked on it sooner myself so we could talk about the books we'd both read.
  7. He was a photographer 📷
    Professionally and as a hobby. He loved it & had a huge collection of antique cameras.
  8. He taught me how to parent
    Sure, we all make mistakes along the way, but I could never have the incredible relationship that I have with my kids if he hadn't taught me how to be a parent first.
  9. I got my laugh from him
    I laugh with all my heart and often. Sure, it can get loud at times, but why laugh half-assed?! Feel that from your toes and laugh until your stomach hurts. Best core workout there is.
  10. He loved fishing
    As toddlers, he gave my sister & I sticks to hold so that we could go "fishing" together. 🎣
  11. He was a bad ass in his day
    James Dean had nothing on him. 😉
  12. He took me on his motorcycle
    My mother must have had a heartattack waiting for us to get back. Lol 😨
  13. He loved Halloween so much 🎃
    Every year he spent as much time in the Kiwanis' haunted house that he could.
  14. It's just not the same without Dad
    And it never will be. 💔💙