I've been here a week

Love list making. Not so much about publicly.
  1. Joined after setting @bjnovak on the Late Show with @StephenAtHome
    I'm a list maker, so the idea sounded interesting.
  2. The social aspect stresses me
    Break into a cold sweat hitting publish, worried no one will like it or even read it. Then see a list that lists something like "places I've peed" be on the top of the trending list. OKaaayyy. I think I'd be much happier without the social part.
  3. Love having the list format
    Working on a list of places I want to visit, like this format better than Pinterest for that. Can I make all my lists private and just cut off the social stuff?
  4. I tried the social side
    I've commented, followed, saved and relisted. So far, I'm not a fan. Seems like too much work with no payout/benefit. Of course, I'm sure it was easier to make connections before the flood of us newbies.
  5. Seeing quite a bit of negativity
    Is it just because of the flood of all us newbies? I'm not a fan of bashing other forms of social media. It's childish and petty. I really don't like it.