Things I wish...
  1. I wish
    that for every negative political post that gets posted on social media, someone of the opposite party got a pony.
  2. I wish
    the TARDIS was real.
  3. I wish
    that eating blueberry pie actually burned more calories than it contains.
  4. I wish
    that cars could run on politicians' hot air and expelled jelly beans for exhaust.
  5. I wish
    jelly beans cured cancer.
  6. I wish
    I had those magic nails from Total Recall.
  7. I wish
    my cell phone battery recharged by me using it.
  8. I wish
    I could record the memories in my head as I experience them.
  9. I wish
    each time I got a zit, I also got a week of paid vacation.
  10. I wish
    that every unpunished rapist suddenly found themselves with an inability to lie along with an insatiable need to scream out loud what they had done any time another person is near them.