Insomnia, you bitch

making a list because insomnia
  1. I'm hot.
    Blergh, it's hot. Toss the covers.
  2. Now I'm cold.
    Grab the covers, pull 'em up to my chin.
  3. GAH, I'm freaking hot again.
    Stick a foot out.
  4. Shit.
  5. Sigh.
    This would be a good list.
  6. Shut up brain, go back to sleep.
    Hmmm, so tomorrow I need to work on that bug, unzip 30 more files and create a shit ton of test cases.
    Brain makes the adult sounds from the Peanuts cartoons. Laughs.
  8. Sigh.
    Maybe if I read, I'll get tired.
  9. OMG, brain, shtapppp.
    Can't read either because too much thinking.
  10. Oh, f#%k it.
    Grabs phone, starts