One thing that annoys me for every letter of the alphabet

Courtesy of @dubraker! Venting is good.
  1. American beer
    Nasty piss water.
  2. Bicyclists
    Specifically those big groups that think they own the trail/road. Spreading out 3-4 across the entire path so we runners are forced into the dog shit infested grass. Even worse, when one gets off his bike at intersections and actually holds up his hands to stop traffic so the entire group can blow through a stop sign. 😠
  3. Coffee rings
    Few things will annoy me quicker than spotting these on my counter.
  4. Dust
    No matter how often I dust, more just magically appears. It's unreal.
  5. Easy ways out
    They usually don't work out.
  6. Fudge
    Gag. Horrible stuff that coats your entire mouth & throat with thick goo.
  7. Green peas
    They are a foul abomination.
  8. Hard butter
    It tears up your toast.
  9. Iced coffee
    Coffee is one thing that should never be watered down. Scotch is another.
  10. Jean pockets
    It's women's jean pockets, mind you. They are entirely useless, especially those front pockets - unless you want to put a single key in them. What's the first thing you do when you get into the stall in the restroom, ladies?
  11. Kittens
    I'm not a cat person. The interwebs have way too many kitten/cat videos, memes, pictures. Where are all the puppies?!
  12. Laundry
    Can't I just buy all new stuff via subscribe & save on Amazon along with the paper towels and toilet paper?
  13. Mosquitoes
    They suck. ::groan::
  14. Negativity
    Nothing harshes my mellow like someone constantly complaining, especially after they've asked for your advice.
  15. October
    Don't get me wrong, I love October. I hate that October has been pink washed. We don't need awareness, we need a cure. Pink washing doesn't do a damn thing towards that.
  16. Politicians
    They all suck. Of course, I might be especially annoyed, I'm watching Last Week Tonight as I work on this list.
  17. Quacks
    Self explanatory.
  18. Racists
    No description needed, right? Of course, racists would argue about that. Lol
  19. Smokers
    When they hang out at the front door of... anywhere.
  20. Twilight
    That shit can just go DIAF.
  21. Umbrellas
    They don't work worth a damn and drip all over your floor.
  22. V-8 juice
    The only ones that taste halfway decent are those with all the sugar in them under the guise of fruit juice. Give me fresh juice any day.
  23. X-rays
    My toe is clearly broken. It's sideways on my foot. WHY DO I NEED AN X-RAY?!
  24. Yarn barf
    Knitters & crocheters know what I'm talking about. Sure, sometimes I find it soothing to work it out, but it usually only happens when I don't have time for this shit.
  25. Zest
    I always end up with it under my nails when I try to get fresh lemon/lime/orange zest.