Sticks, hooks & string 🐑

I love knitting and crochet, they keep me mellow.
  1. Happy Blanket 😄
    Awesome crochet pattern that turned out so happy in florescent colors.
  2. First sweaters
    I knit this one and one with blue/green, both for my sons. My youngest still wears his!
  3. Love this hat!
    It was so fun to knit, I must knit another.
  4. First Weasley sweater!
    It's a simple one, but getting the letter is the hardest part!
  5. Garden State blanket
    I've made 2 of these & love them.
  6. My very first design! 💜
    I have a few patterns I've deigned, but this was my first & is still my favorite one.
  7. Sock yarn scraps
    I have a few leftovers. Lol Knit this one for my then boyfriend (now hubbie). Only rule I had was I could only use yarn leftover from socks/hats I'd knit during the time we'd been dating.
  8. First stranded project
    Made these for a friend. Love this pattern, must make another pair again!
  9. My wedding bouquet
    I have my father's Kiwanis pin in there since he couldn't be with us in person. He would have loved my husband. Of course I have a TARDIS. 😉