We have all had at least one, right?
  1. A former (male) boss told me that I have to read more during my annual review.
    As in read all the latest articles, blog posts, etc. on the latest hot new trends in our industry. He said that my success depended on it, that he expected it of everyone in order to get a good (good, not outstanding, mind you) annual review.
  2. Given that I was already working 45-60 hours every week, I asked him when he expected me to do that.
    Because planning 60 hours of work into a 40 hour work week was the norm there. After all, salaried employees can be worked any number of ungodly hours because anything after 40 is free, amiright? If the employees don't like it, just make some noise about how they should work smarter. Turn it around so it's their fault that they are working so many hours.
  3. He told me to read in my spare time at home.
    With a perfectly straight face.
  4. He said everyone has spare time.
    What did he just say?
  5. I blinked at him uncomprehendingly.
    What is this thing you speak of?
  6. When I realized that he was serious, I simply stated that I don't have spare time.
    I was a single mother at the time, had been for years & would be until after my sons became adults.
  7. I explained that as a single parent, spare time was a luxury that I just didn't have.
    Why did I even have to go there?
  8. His response? "Oh, I know what that's like. I have some nights when I get home and my wife says to me after dinner 'they are all yours tonight'".
    Deep breaths.
  9. I see.
    Oh yes. You know ALL about being a single parent then. Those nights must be SUCH a burden to you.
  10. You have a wife that stays home.
    I don't.
  11. You come home to a clean house and dinner on the table.
    I get home to whatever mess I was too tired to clean up the night before. I have to sort out something for dinner, then actually make it.
  12. When dinner is done, you go sit in your easy chair, reading all about whatever hot new trend the IT world has jumped on.
    This would be YOUR spare time.
  13. Meanwhile, your wife cleans up the dishes and gives the kids their baths, helps with their homework and puts them to bed.
    See all this? That's what I'm doing too. Because there isn't anyone else to do it for me.
  14. Now it's 9PM. Still spare time for you.
    Me? I'm paying bills, getting clothes & lunches ready for tomorrow, cleaning up messes and doing laundry.
  15. 10pm, time for bed.
    You've had 3 hours of your spare time. I had one hour of quiet time to tackle all those things that are challenging to do when kids are demanding your attention. I had 5 minutes of "spare time" and I used it to go to the bathroom in peace.
  16. Those nights you claim give you the perspective of being a single parent?
    All you are doing is giving your kids baths, helping with homework and tucking them into bed. THINGS YOU SHOULD ALREADY BE DOING AS THEIR FATHER, YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD.
  17. And I was one of the luckier single parents out there.
    I was able to make do with only ONE job. Far too many single parents have to do all this and work 2 or even 3 jobs.
  18. Fuck you and your "spare time"