Travel Bucket List

Places I want to travel to/see someday.
  1. Great Britain
    Totally have to visit friends that live there. Also, the Doctor Who Experience in Wales. At least a week in Scotland, more, if possible!
  2. Hungary
    My oldest & dearest online friend lives in Budapest.
  3. Finland
    My mother's family came to the States from Finland. They refused to teach anyone Finnish though, which makes me very sad.
  4. Portugal
    I've heard there are fantastic communities there for ex-pat retirees. Def want to check those out!
  5. Iceland
    We almost went there on our honeymoon, but January.
  6. India
    So many things to see there!
  7. France
    Seriously need to work on my French though.
  8. Norway
    Have you seen pictures? How could anyone not want to go there?!
  9. Halstatt, Austria
    It looks so amazing. Breathtaking.
  10. Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
    One of the greenest cities in the world!
  11. The Netherlands
    So so pretty.
  12. Croatia
    After watching this video, it had to go on the list.
  13. Japan
    Especially when the cherry trees are in bloom! 💗💖
  14. Old Quebec City, Canada
    Stunning, stunning city.
  15. Luxembourg
    After reading this list, I had to add it! 🇱🇺Luxembourg🇱🇺