TV shows I've watched

I'm not much of a TV watcher. Can you see the theme? 👓 😂 To be honest, even these I didn't watch until 2010 or so (except the first one, of course).
  1. Doctor Who
    The one I obsess over.
  2. Smallville
    Loved it so much, own the entire set! Didn't watch it until after it was over. Lol
  3. The Flash
    Can be a bit hokey, but I've always loved the Flash.
  4. Jessica Jones
    So fantastic. Totally watching the next season. They need to hurry up with it already! I'm jonsing for it (groan).
  5. Sense8
    Omg, so good!
  6. The Expanse
    Awesome Sci-Fi, I love this one.
  7. Lucifer
    Love it!
  8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Kind of required watching for geeks, I guess. I watched on Netflix long after it ended. Hated most of the characters by the end. Spike was the only one I kept watching for.
  9. Blindspot
    Intriguing idea, not keen on the drama stuff.
  10. Stargate SG-1
    Another binge watch on Netflix years after it aired.
  11. Marvel's Agents of Shield
    Another one I think I'll give up after this season.
  12. Daredevil
    2nd season was better than the first.
  13. Battlestar Galactica
    Binge watched on Netflix.
  14. Being Human
    Not the US version.
  15. Misfits
    Loved the first 2 seasons, then it went downhill.
  16. Monk
    Loved this show, the kids & I watched it together.
  17. Lie to Me
    Same with this show, another I watched with the kids.
  18. Grimm
    Started watching because my husband loves it. It's OK. Getting tired of the soapiness though.
  19. Arrow
    Pretty tired of the back & forth with Felicity, think I'm done with it.
  20. DC Legends of Tomorrow
    Doctor Who wanna be. Won't be watching anymore IF it gets another season.
  21. Limitless
    Started off good, went off the rails. Yawn.
  22. Supergirl
    Meh. Won't be continuing unless CW handles it better.
  23. Big Bang Theory
    Meh, only watch because the kids & hubby watch. My reasons for not caring about it might become a list at some point.
  24. Firefly
    What a complete waste of my time.