You never know when something might spark a list running through your head. This one came from a couple comments on a list by @lmurph11. 😁
  1. Cars let you take the wheel.
    But they won't do anything without you driving them every single time. The second you don't, disaster.
  2. They excel at mutual arrival.
    They don't get there without you or even ahead of you.
  3. They are high maintenance though.
    If you don't keep them happy, they won't give you a ride anywhere.
  4. They can keep going for hours.
    But when they run out of gas, they stop dead in their tracks.
  5. They don't care who is in the driver's seat, though.
    I guess that is a downside of being easy.
  6. If they get too cold, they can't even get started.
    You won't go anywhere without that.
  7. Of course, self driving cars open up a whole new world.
    There's nothing wrong with self driving as long as I can still take the wheel when I really need to get where I'm going.
  8. Usually pretty hard to get in the trunk!
    Or maybe your back door is always available?
    Suggested by @lmurph11