From 'My Dearest Father', letters btwn Wolfgang Mozart + his dad whilst the then 22y/o was on tour. A Penguin 80th anniversary 'Little Black Classic' - good size series for travel and only 80p each.
  1. "A journey like this is no joke, you've no experience of this sort of thing... you have to try to anticipate a hundred different things, otherwise you'll suddenly find yourself in the shit without any money".
  2. "An Italian would say nothing but would lie in wait at a street corner and shoot you dead".
  3. "Why did I have to discover that you needed money only when you were in trouble"
  4. "Be on your guard against wicked people, earn money by every means that is known and available to you".
  5. "...exercise extreme politeness in order to ingratiate yourself with people of standing".
  6. "Examine all who call themselves your friends or who make a show of friendship and you'll find the reason why this is so."
  7. "If you love me - as I do not doubt - you should take care of your health - my life depends on yours".
  8. " vanishes into thin air, especially when one's overgenerous or too kind."
  9. " far you've regarded your journey as no more than a pleasure trip and spent the time enjoying yourselves... while your prospects and goals are now correspondingly expensive and distant."
  10. "We ask Wolfg. to take care of his health and stick to the diet that he got used to at home, otherwise he'll have to be bled as soon as he arrives in Paris, *everything spicy* is bad for him."
    Leopold's postscript to his wife on the envelope
  11. "In short, you should have sought my advice".