5 Reasons To Get Hooked On Deadwood

If you’re a Game of Thrones fans who’s already panicking about what to watch after the finale: it’s time to give Deadwood a try. All episodes are available on #HBONOW. http://itsh.bo/deadwoodNOW
  1. It’s Gritty and Gripping
    Gambling. Gunfights.This wild west story has all the makings of a truly addictive drama.
  2. You’ll Notice Familiar Faces
    Noticed Ian McShane in Game of Thrones? You’ll love him as ruthless Al Swearengen.
  3. It’s an Easy Binge
    With just three seasons, it’s totally bingeable. (And you’ll want more.)
  4. It’s a Critics’ Darling
    Top TV critics like Matt Zoller Seitz put Deadwood atop their lists of the best shows ever made.
  5. It’s Based on a Real Town
    It’s inspired by real-life outlaws and events that occurred in the frontier town of Deadwood.