5 Vice Special Reports To Watch Before The Year Ends

Prep for holiday small talk and brush up on current affairs. VICE news dives deep to give you the latest on important topics from around the globe. Impress your family and friends by streaming these five VICE Special Reports on HBO NOW before your next holiday gathering.
  1. A House Divided
    Now more than ever, it's important to understand the deep political divide in America. Plus, there's an exclusive interview with the guy at the top: President Barack Obama.
  2. Fighting ISIS
    With talk of ISIS spearheading political debate, VICE unpacks just how the worlds largest superpowers are fighting back in the global war on terror.
  3. Countdown To Zero
    As the global battle against HIV/AIDS wages on, VICE investigates the most recent scientific discoveries and puts the spotlight on the doctors and patients who are still searching for a cure.
  4. Fixing The System
    "We think it's somehow normal. It's not normal." President Obama visits a federal prison and speaks with the inmates about the American criminal justice system.
  5. Killing Cancer
    What happens when doctors inject their patients with the HIV virus to try and fight cancer? VICE investigates the medical revolution happening in the field of cancer research and treatment.