1. Larry spells “aunt” with a “c.”
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    "Beloved Aunt" (Season 1, Episode 8)
  2. Larry decapitates a child’s doll.
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    "The Doll" (Season 2, Episode 7)
  3. Larry berates the bereaved.
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    "The Baptism" (Season 2, Episode 9)
  4. Larry takes up tennis and stalking.
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    "Club Soda and Salt" (Season 3, Episode 3)
  5. Larry discriminates against toupees.
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    "The Grand Opening" (Season 3, Episode 10)
  6. Larry drives the fast lane with a prostitute.
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    "The Car Pool Lane" (Season 4, Episode 6)
  7. Larry ad libs on Broadway.
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    "Opening Night" (Season 4, Episode 10)
  8. Larry gets into a fight with Jesus.
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    "The Christ Nail" (Season 5, Episode 3)
  9. Larry questions the meaning of “orphan.”
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    "The Ida Funkouser Roadside Memorial" (Season 6, Episode 3)
  10. Larry enjoys the perks of dating the handicapped.
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    "Denise Handicap" (Season 7, Episode 5)
  11. Larry enforces the dress code.
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    "The Bare Midriff" (Season 7, Episode 6)
  12. Larry must decide: Judaism or a threesome?
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    "Palestinian Chicken" (Season 8, Episode 3)