1. 7. NatureBox
    Get out of here with your healthy snacks.
  2. 6. Loot Crate
    "Four to eight items worth more than $45." Sounds equal parts suspect and sad.
  3. 5. MeUndies
    Fun to say.
  4. 4. Squarespace
    The OG, and I totally forgot them on the first go 'round. Thanks for the reminder, @sarakeats.
  5. 3. Audible
    Books are 💯.
  6. 2. Stamps.com
    I love the way Bill Simmons says Stamps.com. Also, Marc Maron deserves the podcast equivalent of an EGOT for seamlessly tying his decade-long obsession with a failed Lorne Michaels interview into a Stamps.com live read.
  7. 1. Mail Chimp
    Come on. You knew that was coming.