There are five blocks between my parking garage and my office. Turns out, they're good blocks.
  1. This wall.
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    Every morning, I pass by this wall and imagine I'm in the subway in New York.
  2. Music City Center
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    Our new convention center is really big and really pretty. My favorite part is this art installation, which looks like a giant DIY instrument kit hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Country Music Hall of Fame *and* Hatch Show Print
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    Right there! Together!
  4. Schermerhorn Symphony Center
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    My favorite building in Nashville and my second favorite building of all time (MoMA is number one). I can't explain how gorgeous it is or how gorgeous I feel when I'm standing inside of it, so I won't even try.
  5. Batman!
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    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na . . . .
  6. Also, this wall.
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    Every morning, I imagine LMFAO popping out from behind it to scream, "I'm in Miami, bitch!" and I giggle.
  7. This building.
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    I can't get enough of that exclamation point.
  8. Camels on the sidewalk.
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  9. My office building.
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    Walk one block past it and turn left and you'll run straight into the bar they used as the exterior for the BBQ place where Dev and Rachel ate during the Nashville episode of "Masters of None."