1. Chocolate
  2. Sex
  3. Bubble baths
    Preferably with good music, and good book, and wine.
  4. Wine
    Or you know what? Any alcohol will do. Bring on the cheap wine coolers!
  5. Did I mention chocolate already?
  6. My DVR
    Because all the good shows come on when I'm in night school.
  7. Pasta
    Any pasta with white sauce. Doesn't matter the type, I will eat it. Yes I know this is probably 85% of the reason why I'm fat.
  8. Chocolate is the other 15%
  9. Girl Meets World
    Because I'm mentally 15 and BMW was bae.
  10. Awkward and Faking It night.
    Because like I said, 15.
  11. Outlander
  12. Sleeping