1. G&B coffee
  2. Monday? Don't hate
  3. Madcapra
  4. Night & market song pick up brought to @clarevivier 's house (girl get on this app!!)
    Chicken larb Nam khao tod Papaya salad Coco sticky rice
  5. Moon juice honey dew/ cilantro/ lime pick up for perfect pairing with spicy thai
  6. Loft 13
    This guy is crazy. Great pieces but literally turned on some dub step and treated me like an asshole. Fuck that noise.
  7. Amsterdam modern
    The new one! It's a vortex. Walked in hot circles for about an hour thinking about life, love, furniture... but ultimately scored.
  8. Suggested but didn't venture to: sunbeam and the hunt. TBD stay tuned
  9. Mohawk General
    Bo who is the best human helped me find some perfection
  10. Chill zone with Bo @ bar Stella
    Gab gab gab gab 2 hours later
  11. Drive home w/ J.Cole
  12. Sit @ the bar @ lucques and eat a steak frites and spaghetti carbonara #monster #donthate
  13. It's the year of giving zero fucks, I give that to myself