1. Cheeseburgers at honor bar
  2. Spicy tuna crispy rice at Jinpachi
  3. Everything at Night Market Song
  4. Cheeseburgers at apple pan or pie and burger
  5. Matsuhisa everything/ all the time/ take me to the ocean
  6. Tiramisu at shigucho
  7. Focaccia di reco at spacca
  8. Golden milk and chocolate dipped bananas at moon juice
  9. Steak frites at the bar at lucques
  10. Donuts donuts donuts- too many places but it's all about buttermilk bars
  11. SIERO SOBA at otafuku... It's literally like taking drugs
  12. Salt ramen at santouka
  13. Hamptons moments at gjusta/ I'll take it all
  14. Lomo Saltado at marios Peruvian
  15. Cheeseburger at republique Day time
  16. Penne madeo- but honestly fussilli jon and Vinnys smokes it
  17. Iced almond lattes by G&B
  18. Seafood towers at bouchon
  19. Hamachi w/ dat galbi at Soag
  20. Hamachi tostadas at animal
  21. Jack rabbit larb at animal
  22. Brekky burritos @ tacos villas corona as a snack before baller brunches at canele
  23. Sqirl sqirl sqirl sqirl
  24. #lististoolongneedtostopnowbutwillpickituplater