1. The weird people at the bar at lucques next to me talking about Joshua tree and "knocking the rest of these back"
  2. Their awkward friend who they had had drinks with and then other friends met the awkward friend
  3. Who then popped up from the table to get champagne as a surprise and ordered cremant (party fail)
  4. And then told the bartender quick quick before we ORDER
  5. His receding hairline 😁
  6. The other friend who was early and I offered to move over so she could join them and it was so awkward and then she said she had to send a work email
  7. Hiiii I'm KaTE. (Get away from my husband work emailer)
  8. Zip down cotton hooded sweatshirt over Patagonia dress, zip it back up
  9. That's tequila?! That's Amazing.
    Nooooooo way.