1. The things we could do in 20 minutes girl
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    Most girls drink a bottle of rose in 20 minutes, right? This one is #thetruth @hillarykerr
  2. I got you hot like wasabi
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    It's a spatlese... So a little sweet aka nice nice with wasabi. But from a super mineral driven hill... So perfect balance
  3. Let's make love on a million in the dirty hotel with the fan on the ceiling
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    All about that high low high low ⬇️↕️⬆️
  4. After that give you something to drink
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    It's so refreshing it's slightly effervescent... It's favorita
  5. Foreplay in a foyer, fucked up my Warhol
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    Roulot. Drop the mic. Mess up the expensive art. Close the restaurant. Fuck it