Badass guys came in today and in about 7 minutes we had 52 bottles lined up on the floor.
  1. First of all he doesn't even drink WINE
  2. "And what's that one? And how much? Right we will take two of those"
  3. "That label is amazing. 7 of those"
  4. Him: it's champagne yeah? Me: it's cremant from the Jura, so similar in style blah blah blah (I said a lot more nifty terms) Him: so like champagne? Me: yes it's the best shit. 5 cases and it's gone. Him: you know a fair bit about wine eh?
    To BE FAIR this guy is fucking brilliant. Like a real visionary in his field.
  5. "No that's ugly I hate it"
  6. "How's this?" Me: "amazing" and oh it's just one of the most allocated cab francs on the market. It's monopole. It's breze. It's that sexy guiberteau and the blood sausage pie 👌🏽↗️
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  7. We decided to box the good stuff separate because maybe he might try a sip #scandal #notreally
  8. Here is the list within the list: ALLOCATED WINE HE BOUGHT YOU CAN'T BUY ELSEWHERE
  9. 2011 Saumur, Les Arboises, Monopole Breze, Guiberteau
    @bjnovak you drank this with @mokoyfman
  10. 2011 Bourgogne Blanc, Roulot
  11. 2010 La Pleiade Cotes du Rhone, Rayas
  12. NV cremant du Jura, Montbourgeau
  13. Plus many more and some nice and some affordable and oh yeah! and the wine box inner flaps as labels like: #rieslingandrose #goodshit➡️red #goodshit➡️white #everydayred
  14. And then I delivered it and ate a peach and had an iced almond latte
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  15. And then I drove to general bottle downtown to up my game
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    Yes we have simple syrup served in a dropper bottle at Jon & Vinny's cause we straight Gansta.