1. Lunch @ Jinpachi is the JAM
    Spicy cold tofu alone is worth your time. Takka is back and his skills are legit. I mean, it's not matsu but it's not crap!!!
  2. I now get why Jennifer Anniston loves Levi's classic 501 jeans aka ass jeans
  3. Tangelo coco from Bev hills juice is so good it's dangerous
  4. Sparking water is key
  5. Jon & Vinny's granola is 2legit2quit ✌🏾
  6. The steak frites at Lucques is one of La's perfect meals
  7. I didn't get to madcapra and I hate myself a little bit for it
  8. Maybe I stopped by Matsu...
  9. Accidentally walking into the first day of the barney's sale is more dangerous than Bev hills juice #spendcashversuscashonly
  10. Need a new wallet and goyard is no longer at Barneys, where the fuck have I been
    The answer is Jon & Vinny's. The truth about this is my ex gave me the wallet and I gotta get rid of it.
  11. Today is the first day of the rest of my motherfuckinglife!!!!
  12. Have a crush and it's SO STUPID