1. He's talking about what furniture to buy
  2. He's talking about what I should do tonight
    Like, I cancelled plans to make other plans- know yourself gets me out of that right?
  3. He's telling me to definitely stop and get a case of sparkling water
  4. He's telling me he knows I should take a nap but We know I'll just lie there and that's Ok
  5. He driving home the pointthat you should know what kind of wine you like to drink and then talk to me bout it
    White: lean, mean, crispy, round, heavy mid section, touch your toes, #stop, real clean Rose: white applies / sweet/ not sweet Red: light, medium, heavy, earthy, full, dry like an over extracted tea, voluptuous, thick, bright, High toned
  6. He saying Y'all better know yourselves 👉🏽👈🏽👇🏽☝🏽️✌🏾️
  7. He's agreeing with my mom who is hilarious today
    1. Bought the first pieces of furniture for the palace: two chairs. My mom said: classic. Great choice. You can move them from room to room 😂😂😂 2. You should date as many people as possible and pay attention to chemistry #nothappeningMOM #ratherwastetimewithunavailalepeople #thanksforthesciencelesson