Hopefully you're sleeping with someone who's smell and lips get the party started. IF NOT these will help:
  1. First of all: Give it up for R Kelly.
    In high school I gave my stepdad the box set of trapped in the closet for Christmas because he heard the song happy people and played it on repeat between Barry white songs- I thought it was kind of a baller/ dick move to the guy who just moved into my moms house. For real tho, Charlie is the best and I have since apologized. And got him a Barbour coat. SO ALL GOOD.
  2. NV guy larmandier grand cru champagne from a small area called Cramant IN champagne.
    This ain't no blend all the grapes from all over into a shitty bottle of Veuve. this is the truth. #noheadaches
  3. 2011 Saumur Blanc, Breze, Monopole, Guiberteau
    Mellifluous. Hold me at ransom
  4. 2013 Morgon, Cotes du Py, Jean Foillard
  5. 2006 Beaune 1er cru, Les Airgots, Mugneret
    This is serious. Like eye contact.
  6. 2008 Bourgogne blanc, Coche-dury
    All we gots to say is that Coche baby. (Pronounced co-shhhhh)
  7. 2013 Lieu Dit Rose OR 2013 Scribe rose
    Not only are these fucking delicious, they are both made by totally HOT wine makers. Lieu Dit is made by a blue eyed bandito who always calls me girl, and let's be honest- scribe is just like a cult led by the super cute - wine maker- brothers... So I guess for the men or women out there out there, buy these bottles, print out photos of the wine makers, tape to the bottle and let the aphrodisiac sink in?
  8. SO MANY MORE in the wine store....📡📞📷⌛️