I'll Have "The Tiff"

  1. Sandwich
    Whole wheat sandwich slices. Country ham. Swiss cheese. Bacon. Tons of shredded iceberg lettuce. Thin Japanese cucumber slices. A couple of dill pickle "burger" slices. Two red onion rings. Ranch dressing, spread thin on both slices of bread.
  2. Cocktail
    Tito's vodka, club soda, two lemon wedges. Old reliable.
  3. Pizza
    Charred thin crust, but a little firmer than Neapolitan style. Easy slightly sweet, slightly chunky sauce with just a bit of basil in it. Fresh mozz. Shit ton of prosciutto and arugula. I also desperately miss the CPK Rosemary Chicken Potato Pizza + extra sauce. If someone made me that with a better crust, I'd be theirs fo' evah.
  4. Eggs
    Scrambled egg whites. Currently on the cotechino hash from Locanda Verde.
  5. Friend Date
    Couches/chaises outside, weather permitting. Basketball on the TV. Backyard putting green bets. Pizza. Booze options. Gossip, philosophy, and ugly cry laughter.
  6. Outfit
    Warm weather--white denim jorts, blue Oxford, tan gladiator-esque sandals. Cooler weather--destroyed boyfriend jeans, grey cashmere crewneck, d'orsay flats or Stan Smiths.
  7. Pharmaceuticals
    Ibuprofen (for the aches and pains). Claritin-D/Zyrtec/Any given antihistamine (for life long allergy and sinus problems). Xanax (because I'm a fucking monster).
  8. Bagel
    Onion bagel toasted well. Double @RussAndDaughters Belly Lox (salty deliciousness). Easy chive cream cheese. Salt packed capers. Just a little red onion, paper thin. *Maybe* some tomato. Nap.
  9. In-N-Out Order
    Double double. Protein style. Grilled onions, pickles. No fries. Coke. Possible second cheeseburger same way if I'm starving.
  10. Drunk Food
    Anything I shouldn't eat that is usually fried and salty and full of carbs and love. Taco Bell crunchy tacos. Any sort of fried noodles. Ham and Cheese or Pizza hot pockets at home.
  11. Morning
    Early morning action followed by dozing. Leisurely coffee in bed. Hilarious texts from friends. Breakfast in robe.