I have the attention span of a gnat and more often than not, I don't notice what is going on around me, but rather the insanity in my head.
  1. Fuck, am I done yet?
  2. What body part is going to hurt most today?
  3. I'm going to strangle 🐊.
  4. These socks suck.
  5. Please let this make me so tired that I pass out cold.
  6. Jesus Christ, it's hot.
  7. Please don't try to talk to me.
  8. I wore the wrong sports bra...again.
  9. This is atonement for all the crap I ate earlier.
  10. Are the Housewives on? (Treadmill)
  11. I think my toes are bleeding.
  12. There's no fucking way I'm going to finish this run.
  13. Do I want fries?
  14. You're such a pain in the ass (⬆️ pace)
  15. Why does that guy wipe the machine down with his ball sweat towel? (Treadmill)
  16. If I can get my pace down another minute, I'm buying the shoes.
  17. Why is Ariana Grande on this playlist?
  18. Do I have enough cash on me to buy five bags of ice and a slurpee?
  19. Did Caitlyn Jenner go through all of the female closets in the house while he was Bruce? (Treadmill)
  20. Why did we use this stupid song for the highlight reel?
  21. Focus on the fact that your pants won't be so tight. *Repeat*
  22. I want Chipotle.