Mistakes I Won't Make Again

  1. Wait in line at the DMV instead of using the kioskS
  2. Drink soda regularly...wtf it's candy why did nobody ever make that clear to me
  3. Sleep without a sleep mask
  4. Assume that because someone kisses me they want to be with me
  5. Assume Vanessa Carlton has it all figured out
  6. Assume Avril Lavigne has it all figured out
  7. Consider The Bachelorette quality television
  8. Go to the doctor's office w/o a fast paced novel
  9. Re activate my old Facebook
  10. Facebook friend people I just met
  11. Facebook friend people I have never met
  12. Give my parents relationship advice
  13. Go on a "Pioneer Trek" with the Mormon church
  14. Live in another room with someone I'm not dating (have a random roommate)
  15. Use yahoo email
  16. Watch Pitch Perfect
  17. Work in a dog daycare in upscale Virginia
  18. Attempt a regular push up
  19. Babysit my sister's labradoodle
  20. Deliver pizzas in rural Mississippi
  21. Ask a guy to rate me on a scale of 1 to 10