We love burgers, who doesn't? You don't have to go very far to get a damn good burger. Here's a few - damn good burgers you can get in Los Angeles.
  1. Karma Burger from Hache
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    One of my favorite burger joints in Silver Lake, Hache. The Karma Burger is their version of a classic American Cheeseburger made with a steak haché. This simple rendition of everyone’s favorite burger really packs a lot of favor especially within their meat. The burger includes some karma sauce, american cheese, onions, and tomatoes.
  2. Truffle Burger from Vaka
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    Words don’t even describe how good this burger is. I mean, it was a mix of fresh greens, soft bread, perfectly seasoned grass-fed patty, and it had what I think is underrated in a lot of burgers – a nice crunch. I think a lot of people could agree just how good this burger is. There aren’t a lot of burgers that you can eat that make you say ‘wow’ right off the bat.
  3. KBBQ Beef Burger from Seoul Sausage
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    Sweet and savory, packs a small punch of fire. The pickled red onions give it that extra pickle-ness you look for in any burger, so that was something I really enjoyed from the burger. If you wanna skip the line next time you’re craving KBBQ, this one really lives up to its name – giving you all the favors you would find when having KBBQ, but with less smoke in your face.
  4. Chef's Favorite Burger from Plan Check
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    Everyone knows Plan Check for their burger and their ketchup leather, but we also know them for their quality gourmet burgers. Every thing from the crunch of the cheese to the soft break of that egg porn, all the elements fit right. It was almost a guilty feeling eating up this little guy.
  5. Boner Burger from Animal
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    Ground beef and marrow, jack cheese, marble rye, caramelized onions, poblano chili, 420 sauce. If that doesn't give you a boner burger than I don't know what will. This burger is absolute perfection.