Foodies take the gram serious & every foodie knows if your hashtag game is weak, your Instagram game probably is too. As for us, we just want to eat. Here are some hashtags "foodies" use (us included).
  1. #EATER
    Yes, that's the hashtag. They repost a lot of their fan photos, so this one also gets a lot of love.
    Probably the most popular hashtag for anyone who wants to post a food pic. That's five E's too many, imo.
    The hottest hashtag in the game, holla!
    This one is always an easy hashtag to throw in, but quite honestly, I'm always hesitant to click it.
    Non-brainier, but whoever clicks some of these hashtags and actually likes the photos will always be sus to me.
    Probably the worst food publication, in my honest opinion. Complex & their ads just make things look insanely complicated and crappy. Sorry Complex, stick to music & fashion.
    In your face, straight up food publication. They have some really cool media, but again, it's sometimes too much.
    Mostly O.C. food, but I guess they cover some LA food as well. Again, in your face kind of media that sometimes feels overwhelming. If you don't care about quality, this is your go-to.
  9. #FOODIE
    Ok, so I may or may not have said some mean things. I'm just being honest though. Everyone has their own branding, and we are who we are. The term "foodie" is used by people who use Yelp. We're the people against Yelp. Not that there's anything wrong with Yelp, but we wanna bring you genuine experiences. That's what separates us from everyone else. So follow us on Instagram, if you aren't already.