I've watched 2/3 of @shondarhimes shows from start to finish and based on what I've seen, they usually all play out in a similar way.
  1. Love triangles
    Or squares. Or dozens of affairs.
  2. Impressive careers are almost destroyed
    Denny Duquette anyone? Everything Olivia Pope does?!?
  3. Your favorites will always die and/or leave
    RIP George O'Malley. I'm still not over it.
  4. So. Much. Sex.
    And if it's Scandal it's watching Olivia Pope get fingered by sexy men. Mostly Jake Ballard.
  5. The character you hate the most always sticks around
    And eventually grows on you. Quinn? Pierce? Mmmhmmm Shonda knows what she's doing.
  6. Hipster/Indie Folk Covers of your favorite songs effectively ruining them
    Every season the Grey's soundtrack turns more and more into an episode scored by Glee.
  7. Everyone has an overly dramatic practically implausible life story
    Every. Single. One.
  8. After 3 seasons the plots begin to repeat
    Uh Meredith Grey.
  9. There are always sexy sexy men and the one you love is never picked.
    He is a BOY, Olivia.
  10. The first season is always a beautiful work of art. Always.