I wonder about this frequently. Here are the best reasons I came up with as to why I am single
  1. My Ben Wyatt is still getting over ice town
  2. Harry Styles hasn't met me yet
  3. My dazzling personality is overwhelming
  4. My smile is sun level blinding
  5. People are surprised to see a woman who has such poise and grace while screaming Taylor Swift lyrics
  6. I'm smart as hell
  7. My ability to quote Bobs Burgers and other tv shows/films is impressively extensive
  8. Independent Woman parts 1&2 were written about me
  9. You know which female is strong as hell? This one.
  10. Parents and children adore me
  11. I can hold surface level and meaningful conversations
  12. My fashion is on point
  13. I tell jokes like I'm Chris Rock
  14. I don't need anyone but me- however a cuddle buddy who thinks I'm the greatest would be nice
  15. "I'm no superhero, I put my bra on one boob at a time just like everyone else."