1. Parks and Rec
    Every time I watch this show I fall in love with another characters story. It's always hilarious and Ron Swanson is always right. But honestly the shows its best when Chris and Ben arrive. So. Good.
  2. The Office
    Phyllis. She's the only one that matters. And Jim's pranks. And Kelly and Ryan. He will always be a temp. And how dare you.
  3. Bobs Burgers
    My heart just pooped it's pants.
  4. A good hug, preferably from my mom
    But a good friend who is a little taller than me works too
  5. When my sister calls (because sisters never call)
  6. A perfectly made mocha or latte
    Never underestimate the power of good coffee. Ever.
  7. Breakfast food
  8. Clean sheets
    And shaved legs. But let's be honest I usually have one or the other.
  9. Hot showers
  10. Pedicures
    With foot massages.
  11. About Time
    One of the best films since the golden age of Rom Coms (which ended way before Love Actually).
  12. Cute boys
  13. Puppies
  14. Drunk dancing with the besties
    Preferably to Taylor Swift or Whitney Houston.
  15. Harry Styles
  16. Singing really loudly in the car
  17. Discounts/Clearance rack steals
    That 50% off of JCrew clearance is my JAM. So many brilliant winter sweaters.
  18. Sleep
  19. Babies
    They're just so cute!!!!!!!