"The facts mam, just the facts."
  1. I'm hot way more than I'd ever admit to being cold.
    I'm from Texas, but I turn into a whiney bitch when I'm the slightest bit hot.
  2. I always accidentally pick the longest line in every situation.
    The receipt tape is out. The register broke. Shift change. Someone actually responds "no, I need your help" to the courtesy question of- "did you find everything you were looking for?"... I have seen it all.
  3. I have developed an irrational fear of earthquakes.
    It is all recent, within the last 2 years. Not that it was ever going to happen under any normal circumstances, but I couldn't bring myself to go see SAN ANDRES-- just because the star of the show was an earthquake.
  4. I was on The Price is Right
    I lost an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo, but won $1,500 worth of Kenneth Cole luggage. At the time I called my boyfriend and told him just as I was leaving the show and he said, "why do you need the luggage- you aren't going to Tokoyo." #burn
  5. I get frustrated when I try and use SnapChat.
    This makes me feel very old. I swipe the wrong way. Press the wrong button. The fact I even said "button" instead of "icon" makes me feel like I don't deserve a smartphone.
  6. I have saved more than one persons life by using the Heimlich maneuver.
    Once was someone that choked on a Nutella and white bread sandwich. He was turning blue and fell onto the ground and couldn't even gasp for air. I started to give him the Heimlich from the ground and it sorta looked like I was buttfucking him. The other was on the way to Disneyland. A car was stopped on the 5 and a woman was trying to flag down help. Her husband was choking. I jumped across the concrete median and did the Heimlich and he threw up whatever he was choking on.
  7. I'm an awful speller.
    Restaurauent. That was my first attempt to spell "Restauraunt" on my own.
  8. I 💗 naps.
    A nap only qualifies if it's 2+ hours in my book. I don't ever fall asleep in movies or anything like that, but something about live performances (mainly plays) put me to sleep by act II.
  9. I'm a Directioner.
    Sometimes it makes me feel old & creepy. I've seen them in concert several times. I always have a great time. No lines to the men's bathroom and very short lines at the bar.